My Dog Day

sunflower exchange

The lowlight of my day yesterday was collapsing onto the couch in my home office, dog-tired after constant meetings from 7am-5pm, for a well deserved nap–right onto a cold wet spot where my dog had just thrown up.  I am not kidding.  Actually, of course I’m not, who would ever make that up?

When I recounted this to my husband, he exclaimed that I had a bad day.  But I didn’t, I had an exhausting day with a poignant finish but my day had several points of inspiration:

1.  I spoke with a fantastic woman who in a previous job designed marketing materials for the government to caution children on Western Indian reservations from picking up the unexploded ordinances that are part of their everyday landscape.  Pause.

2.  In my role as Executive Director of Campaign for Better Nutrition, I met with surely one of the most earnest and dedicated corporate executives…

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