Jumping Off Curbs

sunflower exchange

When I was a kid, I never stepped over curbs.  That was something boring, tired adults did (I am NOT, of course, referring to my own parents).  I seized these horizontal rectangles of functional architecture as opportunities to jump and catch flight.  They transformed hot, expansive Memphis parking lots into virtual playgrounds.

Now, as an adult, when I do step over a curb (there are so few parking lots in San Francisco, this is an unusual experience), I occasionally remember my 8 year old pledge to myself never to become the kind of adult who steps over the curb.  Always jump.

Well . . . I may not be fulfilling that pledge in parking lots, but it hit me today that I’m definitely doing that with my company ZEGO.  Just the founding of the company itself–with a dual mission of embracing food sensitive consumers (who most companies avoid) and funding my…

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